Disk Usage Reports

Rich web-based usage reports, to help you keep things under control.

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Even in a world of cheap storage, sometimes disk usage means a lot.
Backups can take forever and unnecessarily large files can eat up bandwidth.
With rich web-based usage reports, Disk Usage Reports can help keep things under control.

Designed for Admins

Managing your disk usage can be hard, especially when you're hosting someone else's files. We know this well and built a tool to fit that need.

Secure by Simplicity

The more complex things get, the more insecure they become. Reports are completely static, so there is no chance of server-side vulnerabilities.

Cross Platform +

Built for portability using PHP 4.3+. But sometimes speed is everything, so we built platform-specific scripts as well.

Reports Stored as JSON

Reports are kept as small as possible by storing the data as JSON, and using a single HTML/JavaScript UI to view them all.

Open Source

Fork on GitHub to customize it to fit your needs, and share your changes with the community!

Centralize It

No need to waste CPU time on your servers. Scanning and report generation are separated to allow you offload the heavy work elsewhere.